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  • Youth/Students

  • Law enforcement, Investigators, Homeland Security, Immigration

  • State Agencies (Children & Family) 

  • Foster Care Community

  • Paramedics, First Responders & Hospital Emergency Room Staff

  • Nonprofit Organizations who directly work with victims of trafficking, violence, sexual assault and drug addiction.

  • Educators

  • Legislators, Judges & Attorneys

  • YOU!


  • What is Sex Trafficking?

  • Types of Trafficking in America

  • How to Identify Sex Trafficking Victims

  • The Demand, Who are the customers and buyers of exploited people?

  • How to Protect Children, Including Online, Apps & Gaming Devices

  • Trafficker Pimp Control

  • Types of Trauma Trafficking Victims and Survivors Experience

  • Introduction to the Neurobiology of Trauma

  • Introduction Satanic Ritual Occult Trafficking

  • How to Report Sex Trafficking




Safe in the Panhandle and Take Flight Survivors are partnering to

bring the TRAFFICKING AWARENESS TOUR to North West Florida.

“Tragically, human trafficking is an epidemic in our country...  Children of all ages need to know and understand the hazards of human trafficking and how to protect themselves from dangerous predators.” -Governor Ron DeSantis


We are so excited to be touring the Middle and High Schools of the Florida Panhandle to bring awareness about Trafficking.  We have developed a way to include some fun moments in education about a pretty heavy topic so that students can digest the information and remember key safety tips.  We share facts and statistics, local survivor stories, videos, awareness swag giveaways and an interactive skit.  


IMPORTANT:  We recommend ensuring that your school counselors and school officers are available at the assembly.  In previous awareness events and at schools, youth identified that they are victims or survivors of trafficking for the first time.... Or students realized that they were currently being targeted and/or exploited online.  We honor your school's policies and procedures for sexual abuse reporting.  We want you to be prepared for students to potentially come forward for help.  Additionally, their traffickers may possibly be family members that they live with.  We are open to meeting with your Principal, School Counselors and Officers in advance if that would be helpful to you.


"Tallahassee, Fla., September 30, 2019 – The State Board of Education unanimously approved a new rule requiring instruction in child trafficking prevention for students in grades K-12. With this approval, Florida will be the first state in the nation to address the need for instruction in child trafficking prevention. The new rule also establishes procedures for school districts to plan and document delivery of the required instruction.

Florida is third in the nation for numbers of reported cases of human trafficking, and the average age of trafficked youth is 11 to 13 years old. In 2018, there were 767 human trafficking cases reported in Florida. Of those cases, 149 were minors. Up to 70 percent of sex trafficking and exploitation begins with predators connecting with youth online. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, one out of eight endangered runaway youth is likely a victim of human trafficking." -Florida Department of Education, Read the Full Press Release HERE     

To add your school to the Trafficking Awareness Tour,

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